All businesses are

moving online this includes the gambling industry as well. As per research, the

forecasts gambling industry will be on the rise and reach $5 billion in a few

years that is by 2020. This business may sound lucrative however is not

profitable instantly. Usually businesses breakeven in the second year however,

some may reach breakeven in ten months’ time.

Anyone can keep in touch with the forecasts gambling industry to improve their

chances of win. The gambling activities that are covered range from – Sports,

Casino, Gaming Machines, Bingo, as well as Lotteries. Forecasts are available

for both the forms – traditional as well as online and the mobile versions.

These markets are on the rise with certain US states and countries like Mexico

are changing their regulations with new legislation to legalize gambling. Even

though there may be risks at the higher end however there are immense growth

opportunities. In Africa, countries like Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Tanzania

sports betting are on the rise. In Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea,


The global gambling report looks at the trends in casinos and online gaming

industry as well as gambling industry, with historical and forecast data based

on the revenue. There will be challenges like liquidity across the border,

taxation, the varying approach to the various gambling forms and disciplines. A

combination of social media, networking and online gambling will all come into

play when calculating the revenues. This report will enable gamblers to

understand the market and judge the predictions made for each gambling activity

as per their liking. There will be a more educated and a calculated form of

betting and gambling which will change the history of gambling. As everything

is evolving – technology, media channels, regulations, all intersecting to

create new unique opportunities.

Casino gaming, slot machines, interactive games, privatization of lottery are

all getting to a comfortable position in various countries due to relaxed

regulations or liberalization. Singapore has introduced hard line legislation

over e-gaming and so online gambling will be affected. In Asia, Macau the

growth may be zero per cent because of Beijing’s anti-corruption policy in 2016.

How do companies make online gambling games

Online gambling games basically come in two forms – web based gambling

games most often in java script format or downloadable gambling games

wherein you are required to install a program on your computer in order

to play the games. Lets first look at the web based gambling games,

these online gambling games have a format that allow you to simply log

on and depending on the rules, which are different based on each online

casino you access, you should be able to begin playing a lot instantly.

This type would be more common among gamers who are probably just trying

out different games to see which one they like best or they just think

that downloading may take too long so they prefer to use this method


In the case of downloadable casino games though you

would first have to download the software onto you computer before you

can do anything else. Now a common disadvantage with these types of

online gambling game programs is that the software may not be compatible

with your computer, the security system you have may prevent it from

downloading or depending on the site you choose it may take a very long

time to download. Most casinos are aware of these pitfalls and recently

as computers and technology improves the programs are becoming both

easer to download and more compatible with most systems.


gambling has gotten a lot more popular over the past couple of years

both with the young as well as the old, and these online gambling games

are here to stay for a very long time to come. This is so because these

online casinos offer great features that are equal to or even better

than those of physical casinos.